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I’m passionate about helping leaders define and advocate for success in both their careers and personal growth. If you are facing challenges in advancing or growing, I’m here for you, let’s talk now!

I’ve started my journey with Jennifer back in Sep’19 and she has been instrumental in helping me get to the next level in my career. Her sessions and time has been invaluable as we dive into everything from understanding my core values, strengths, inhibitors and blind spots to building my personal brand. When I started working together my #1 goal was to get an AVP title, a level I’d be working to achieve for quite some time. Jennifer helped me to identify short and long term goals on how to get their by building a business case, influencing the key players, and use my sponsors to advocate on my behalf. I was promoted to VP of North America Sales on April’21 and her help is what got me there! I could be more grateful for the time I spend with her in understanding myself, my needs and overall motivations in work and life."

— Jill H., VP of Sales, Software Tech Company, Boston, MA
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Jennifer trained our senior managers on the value of owning their career, taking calculated risks, and becoming brand ambassadors for our company. Her training opened their eyes to the leadership skills, self-awareness and networks they need to succeed in our highly competitive market. She was a pleasure to work with and she effectively managed the content development and delivery. I highly recommend her as she was engaging and fun as well as focused on honing in on the learning and skills development needs of the team.

— Paul M, VP Professional Services and Consulting Company, Washington, DC

Jennifer has played a pivotal role in my development as an Asian American woman in leadership. Jennifer helped me be present by creating an intentional plan through key moments in my career journey such as identifying my core values, building my professional brand, establishing my career network, and navigating through uncertainty. She has encouraged me to build the skills and prioritize self-advocacy which has completely transformed my mindset and has taken my career to the next level. Her unwavering support and insights as my Chief Success Coach has not only helped me succeed in my role but has empowered me to lead authentically with confidence, clarity, and conviction. I’m truly grateful for Jennifer’s time and mentorship and can’t thank her enough for being instrumental in my growth as a leader which has led me to recently being promoted to Director.

Katherine M., Director, Talent Attraction, Macy’s, Inc.
New York, NY

Since Jennifer became my Chief Success Coach, she helped me identify my personal goals and helped me realize the concept of living a life of design in which I shape the course of my life through deliberate intention, rather than hoping for good things to happen. Now, I have the courage to take on difficult challenges; I love the results. I led a team of machine learning engineers in the largest credit union in the world. I now work at a startup giving talks, writing blog posts, and engaging in business development activities. I also have become an adjunct professor at a major university. Everything I have been doing has allowed me the privilege to make a positive impact within the tech community, a top goal Jennifer, in her sessions with me, helped me identify. I have gained greater confidence, greater courage, and greater fulfillment, while achieving greater goals in my life and career. I highly recommend Jennifer as an executive coach for anyone seeking personal improvement for their life and career. Her personal, friendly, thoughtful, and professional approach leads to results.

Prema R., Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Rotational Labs,
Washington, DC

Jennifer is an amazing career and leadership coach, and I am indebted to her for the help she has provided during our coaching sessions together. After initially speaking with her for just 30 minutes, we instantly clicked, and I knew she would be a great match to help me achieve my career goals. Jennifer is warm, relatable, and uplifting and I have truly seen a remarkable change in my professional and personal life after our sessions. During these sessions, she helps walk me through my goals, roadblocks, and helps me navigate solutions and ideas to not just overcome but break through those roadblocks with poise, positivity, and a fierceness that has been life changing for me. She empowers me to believe in myself, my skills, and to challenge myself every day to achieve my professional goals. This way of thinking has even transitioned over to my personal life as I navigate the daily challenges of being a wife and mother to my two young children. I would recommend Jennifer to any Asian-American woman looking to move up the
corporate ladder, or as an amazing resource/coach/cheerleader to excel in your professional career.

Evonne L., Senior Consultant, CGI, Orange County, CA

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