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The Asian woman professional who struggles to navigate, elevate, and create (NEC) success in progressing in her career despite her hard work and qualifications. Gain the courage and confidence you need to NEC your best work and life. Let's talk about what you need today!

About what I do :

I'm Jennifer Nielsen, Chief Success Coach and owner of Nielsen Executive Coaching LLC (NEC). I'm here for you, the Asian woman, to help you leverage your inherent character traits and qualities, such as collaboration, humility, curiosity, and grit, with confidence and positivity. I play a co-pilot role in guiding you on your journey to define what success means to you, providing personalized strategies, insights, and motivation in the areas of career advancement, transitions, and wellness. My keystone program is called NEC - Inspiring Asian Women. A leadership advancement program tailored for you – the Asian woman professional who struggles to navigate, elevate, and create (NEC) success in progressing in her career despite her hard work and qualifications. Gain the courage and confidence you need to NEC your best work and life. My coaching is tailored to support you to break free from your own inhibitions and high expectations. This struggle often stems from a lifelong battle and an invisible, heavy load of perfectionism, people-pleasing, and overachievement. The program aims to assist you in navigating and understanding the unwritten rules for advancing in the workplace. Prior to becoming a certified leadership coach, I spent over 20 years of experience at Columbia Partners, MorganFranklin Consulting, and Deloitte doing professional services, management consulting, training, and facilitation. Today, I focus on career advancement, transitions and wellness strategies. My expertise lies in fostering positive behavior changes and developing strengths-based skills. My coaching style is empowering, exploratory, and actionable. I have had the privilege to work and coach with hundreds of executives and leaders across Fortune 1000 companies, nonprofit and government agencies worldwide.


Why I do this :

My strengths and passions lie in working with you to define and advocate for your success in both your career and personal growth. I got tired of playing it safe, I take you through my lessons learned to help you be BOLD and find the courage and confidence to win in the workplace! According to several recent research studies conducted by Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics (LEAP), there is an increase in Asian American representation at the manager and higher levels. However, a gap persists, with less than 7% represented at the executive level compared to 87% who are white. Despite over 83% of Asian Americans aspiring to be promoted to manager or higher levels, stereotypes persist, portraying Asians as non-assertive, poor communicators, and lacking personality and presence. Limited data or studies focus on Asian Americans who have navigated challenging and often subjective pathways to leadership. Those on the path to leadership must apply curiosity to find ways to overcome the barriers between them and their aspirations. The challenges preventing women of color from advancing at work differ from those holding back white women and men of color. These challenges include microaggressions, double standards, and unconscious bias, among others. The study suggests, perhaps more alarmingly, that these individuals receive less support from their managers. They are less likely to have bosses who promote their contributions, assist in navigating organizational politics, or socialize outside of work. Consequently, they miss out on the informal networks crucial for career advancement, lacking meaningful mentoring and sponsorship. If you are experiencing real or perceived challenges in upward or growth mobility, I'm here to help. Let's talk!

My lived experience

I learned at an early age to tie my self-worth to how productive I was, and climbing the socioeconomic system was the only goal in life. This made me very judgmental, stressed, and overextended. My mantra was that self-worth is tied to one's profession and making my parents proud. Goofing off and having fun was often discouraged, and there was always the feeling that more could be done. I was raised to believe hard work is rewarded, and complaining or resting was a source of shame and disappointment to my immigrant parents who sacrificed everything to come to America for a better life for their children. The constant pressure to perform and work hard became obsessive (I used to boast about being a master multitasker in my 20s/30s), leading to no real satisfaction; it only drained my ability to appreciate my life and be more present. In addition, growing up Asian American, I worked hard to assimulate into the culture but because my parents were immigrants, they never taught me critical skills to network, be assertive and align my strengths with my interests to make a real impact at work, I just toiled away working hard and doing what others told me would lead to promotions but not really. Today, I've taken a step back, reconsidered my intrinsic values, and learned to see my life as having innate worth, regardless of what I do or don’t accomplish. Changing our mindset in this way is hard. Does this resonate with you? Let's connect!

My continued success journey

Leveraging my NEC framework
Navigate -

Me in Self-Reflection - I love who I am and aligning that with the reality that others love me just as I am too.

Evolve -

Me in Relationships - I don't have to help others at the expense of myself. Help comes from being in meaningful service to others and practicing kindness.

Co-Create -

Me in Balance - Building up my own discomfort muscles to expand my capacity for resilience and growth, starts with little uncomfortable to bigger uncomfortable. As the best coach of all has said, 'If you’re comfortable, you’re doin’ it wrong.' - Ted Lasso.

Let's connect

If you are facing challenges in advancing or growing, I’m here for you, let’s talk now!

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