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Introduction of NEC Framework


To learn more about my programs, please see the following series launch links here. Using my NEC Framework which stands for Navigate, Elevate and Co-create to kick start a successful shift from doing, to leading with confidence and certainty in an uncertain world!


NEC Framework

 Link to my digital course for personal branding and finding your calling in life! 

Living Your Best Life- Unlocking Your Inner Leader Digital Course -download here

My Published Articles on LinkedIn: 

Article 1 - Introduction to the NEC Framework:


Article 2 - Goal attainment is where we fall short:

Article 3 - Pausing long enough to set your coordinates before moving into Action:



Article 4 - Branding online and in person post pandemic:

Article 5 - How to craft a unique brand message:

Article 6 - Shopping your brand and the importance of feedback:



Article 7 - Creating a personal board of directors (PBoD):

Article 8 - What excites you and gives you energy? Go there!:

Article 9 - Set your intentions for the new year - Find what motivates you?:

Article 10 - It's a new year, but is it a new you?



Article 11 - How can the NEC framework help you?

Article 12 - Unconscious or conscious, it's still bias

Article 13 - Define what success means

Article 14 - Reconsider self advocacy

Article 15 - Your dress code will bring you a splash of confidence

Article 16 - Have you identified your allies?

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