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Leadership Advancement Program

Tailored for you

Are you an Asian woman professional finding it hard to be ambitious and navigate the complex corporate world with confidence? I help Asian women go from playing it safe to embracing fierce courage to win in the workplace. It's hard to succeed and you don't have to do it alone! If you are experiencing real or perceived challenges in upward or growth mobility, I'm here to help. Let's talk!

Purpose and Meaning

It's hard to succeed 

You don't have to do it alone!

Are you an Asian woman tired of playing it small? Do you want to redefine success with fierce courage and confidence, struggling to find growth, be recognized or promoted to the highest level you aspire to, all without burning out? 

My coaching program is tailored for Asian women professionals, aged 26 to 55, to break free from their own inhibitions and high expectations. This struggle often stems from a lifelong battle and an invisible heavy load of perfectionism, people-pleasing, and overachievement. The program aims to assist them in navigating and understanding the unwritten rules for advancing in the workplace.

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Let's NEC

I'm Jennifer Nielsen, Chief Success Coach and owner of Nielsen Executive Coaching LLC (NEC). I'm here for you, the Asian woman, to help you leverage your inherent character traits and qualities, such as collaboration, humility, curiosity, and grit, with confidence and positivity. I play a co-pilot role in guiding you on your journey to define what success means to you, providing personalized strategies, insights, and motivation in the areas of career advancement, transitions, and wellness.

The NEC framework helps:

You in reflection: Who are you and how can you be your best self

You in balance: You are a human being, not just a human doing. Be authentic and be yourself, imperfect and beautiful

Navigate Elevate Create framework

You in relationships: Be intentional in what your actions look like

Success outcomes you can expect:
  • Discover success your way

  • Squash negative self talk

  • Evolve to be a self-assured 

  • Embrace discomfort and do it anyway

  • Permission to love and accept yourself 

Our mental and external barriers
Asian women don't succeed at work for
these reasons

Cultural heritage - old beliefs of what is good or bad

Perfectionism tendencies-hyper achiever

People pleasing for acceptance and affection

Lack of meaningful mentorship and sponsorship

Persistent stereotyping e.g. non-assertive, no personality, presence

Microaggressions, double standards, little to no feedback

These 6 reasons are the root causes Asian women lack the courage and confidence in their career. I can help you get past these barriers.

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